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About Starwest Flight Academy

Training Professional Pilots Across Africa

Starwest Flight Academy is guided by our uncompromising standard to safety and quality; it is how we lead, it is how we teach.

Our mission is to produce highly proficient pilots and aviation professionals in a cost-effective manner.

Starwest Flight Academy’s airline pilot training program far exceeds the capabilities of standard flight academies and offers you the most efficient path to a successful airline pilot career.

Fully Accredited

The Starwest Academy is accredited by the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority so all licenses are valid in ICAO member countries. 🔗 

Exclusive Airport

We have exclusive access to the Afienya Airport, providing students with uninterrupted flight plans for their courses, with housing facilities.

Digitally Oriented

Students study and receive all necessary relevant course material and communicate with instructors online as well as in the classroom.

Flexible Payment Plans

Starwest Flight Academy has in place different payment plans for your piloting course,  customizable to suit your needs.

Veteran Instructors

Our Instructors have 100+ years of collective piloting experience, so you get practical insights to give you an edge in the industry.

Large Fleet

With 5 Cessna 172s, 1 Cessna 206, 1 Beechcraft 76 Duchess, 1 Beechcraft 58 Baron and more, there’s large fleet to keep you in the air!