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The Starwest Flight Academy has been in operation since 2008. Its inception came from a need to supply pilots to its sister company, the domestic airline, CiTylinK Ghana.

The Starwest Flight Academy is licensed by the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) as an Air Training Organisation. The Ghana Civil Aviation Authority is a member of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and as such all licenses issued are recognized by the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority and thereby its ICAO members as well.

As such all licenses can be used in countries such as the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Nigeria, Canada, and beyond. Starwest Flight Academy follows the Jeppesen (a Boeing Company) syllabus for its ground school curriculum, approved by the Federal Aviation Authority and the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority.

All students who enroll in the Private Pilot License and Commercial Pilot-IR License course in addition to the in-class ground school, have access to the respective Jeppesen/Boeing Online PPL / CPL-IR course, an interactive online course which takes you through the entire theoretical component of the syllabus including quizzes and recorded exams. This allows our students to move at their own pace.

Once the online course is completed, students will receive a certificate from Jeppesen that they have successfully completed the respective course program and are eligible to take the GCAA exam. Anyone willing to register their PPL/CPL abroad can do so by approaching their local Civil Aviation Authority and request to convert their license to a license from the country in question.

A local air law exam will usually be required to do so.

We are located in Osu on #7 Sunkwa Road opposite the Chateaux towers in Accra. Our Contacts

We are open from 08:00 to 17:00.

Starwest Academy will walk you through the entire process of becoming a Pilot. All pilots must meet the basic medical requirements in order to fly. To get started, you will have to undergo a medical check from a Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) licensed medical examiner. Once that’s finished we can begin processing your student pilot license so you can officially begin your flight training. Your flight training experience can be split into two parts, your theoretical training and your practical training. As we guide you through both of these parts you will obtain the knowledge and skillsets to become a safe and proficient pilot. As every student comes into the Starwest Academy with a different background, we believe in a personalized approach to learning. Our instructors will walk you through all steps required to become a pilot in a manner that works best for you. Once you have completed and passed your theoretical examination at the GCAA and flight examination with a GCAA instructor you will receive your Private Pilot License have officially become a pilot! To apply, you will need to fill in your student application form and pay the admission fees of $1,780. The admission fees will cover all of your administrative expenses and pilot equipment, you would get a break down of the admission fees once you have applied.

No professional experience is required. We will bring you up to the professional level required to be a pilot.

Under the regulations of the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority, you can receive a Pilots License at the age of 17. However, students are welcome to join the academy to being their PPL theory before this.

Absolutely, as long as your sight can be adjusted to 20/20 with either contacts or glasses, you will be able to apply for a First Class Medical Certificate, allowing you to fly as a civilian professional pilot.

We offer Private Pilot Courses courses that allow you to fly for non-commercial purposes, a Commercial Pilot License so you can fly commercially and an instrument rating so you can fly in all types of weather. We also offer Multi-Engine ratings so you can fly aircraft with multiple engines and the Air Transport Licence. In January 2021, we will be launching our flight instruction, engineering, and drone training programs as well!

The Private Pilot License costs $10,000 and is a six-month course. This course cost is payable in equal installments over the duration of the course which works out to be $1,667 per month over six months. The Commercial Pilot License costs $32,000 and is a 12-month course. This course cost is also payable in equal installments over the duration of the course which works out to be $2,667 per month over 12 months. We also offer Multi-Engine Ratings and Air Transport Licences! Please give us a call if you would like more information on this. We also offer students a Flying Start package where students can opt to start with just the theoretical component of the course at only 10% of the entire course cost. You would get access to the interactive online course for either the Private Pilot or Commercial Pilot course including quizzes and recorded exams. Upon completion, you would get a certificate from Jeppesen that you have completed the course theory and are ready to take your final Theoretical Exam.

You need to be 17 years of age to be eligible to receive a Private Pilot’s license, however, you are free to commence the theoretical component of the course prior to this. Although an SHS Certificate, studies in mathematics, geography, and physics are an advantage, there are no educational prerequisites to starting your PPL course. To apply, all you need to do is fill in your student application forms and pay the admission fees of $1,780 to get started. We would arrange your medical, your student pilot license, and set up your course material to get you started. Students would then need to make the first tuition installment to get started. To start your Commercial Pilot’s License you will be required to have a Private Pilot License beforehand.

We operate continuously throughout the year so you can apply at any time.

The standard Private Pilot program is a 6-month course and the Commercial Pilot program is a 12-month course. We also offer fast track courses upon request.

You will be able to stay at the Starwest accommodation at the Afienya Airport from June 2021, in the meantime, we can arrange accommodation at one of our partnered places.

We offer Discovery Flights where students can step into the cockpit before signup for the course! This will give you a real feel of the aircraft controls and a basic understanding of what it is like to be a pilot. Once you have signed up for the Private Pilot Course, you will be taking off with an instructor within your first month at Starwest.

During your Private Pilot Course, you will be flying a minimum number of 35 hours with 5 hours in the flight simulator. Your Commercial Pilot Course will require you to fly a minimum of 190 hours and 10 hours in the flight simulator.

You can apply at any time, the Starwest Flight Academy does not have any set application deadlines. We take in students at all times.

Although attendance is mandatory, all course material is made available online within our interactive Private Pilot and Commercial Pilot online courses.

No college degrees are required but an SHS certificate will give you an advantage in the course.

In addition to passing the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority Private Pilot Exam, you will need a minimum of 35 flying hours and 5 hours of simulator time. If you already have the spirit and aspiration to become a pilot, you’re already halfway there!

In December we will be launching our apprenticeship program where selected Starwest Flight Academy graduates will have the opportunity to join our partnered air carriers across West Africa as an apprentice. Starwest Academy also offers work as a flight instructor, in banner towing, chartered flights, joy flights, medical evacuations (medivacs), and aerial photography upon availability through its sister companies.

We ensure that all pilots that walk through the halls of the Starwest Flight Academy become the most safe and proficient pilots in the aviation industry. We do not compromise on the quality of our training, we ensure our pilots have the strongest foundation for their piloting career, to excel them in Ghana and across the world.

Our Discovery flights are the best way to explore Ghana’s beautiful coastal view, the green hills of Kwahu and the scenic view of the Volta River. For $100 per person (minimum of 3 people) experience Ghana from the sky and feel the controls of the aircraft for up to 45 minutes for a glimpse of the pilot lifestyle. To make a booking, please call us at +233557862982 seven days prior to your requested Discovery Flight. To confirm your booking please make full payment three days prior to the scheduled date. Please keep in mind that Discovery Flights are available between 06:00 and 17:30.

To apply, kindly fill in your student application form and make payment on the course admission fee. These fees vary depending on the course you are applying for. You can pick up your student application forms at our office in Osu on Sunkwa Rd 7 or request for a scanned copy via e-mail.