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CTK Flight Academy is now STARWEST Academy

One of the best flight schools in Ghana, CTK Flight Academy is now STARWEST Academy and the brand promises to do more than be a centre of flight excellence in West Africa.

After the flight academy started in 2006 under CiTylinK Ghana, an airline company that started in 1994, the academy has produced some of the best captains and flight crew in Ghana who fly both locally and internationally.

Its vision from the start has been to inspire generations to fly while populating the airline industry with the much-needed local manpower to support the industry’s growth in the country.

Now STARWEST Academy, management of the academy do not seek to deviate from the main agenda but rather improve upon it and amplify the agenda while establishing the STARWEST name as the star of aviation training in West Africa.

According to management, the hope is that by the end of the year, aviation enthusiasts would not seek to go outside of the country to pursue their passion of becoming pilots but would rather stay and train in Ghana, West Africa.

STARWEST currently offers a number of aviation training courses including a Private Pilot Course and a Commercial Pilot course and as part of their rebranding, are seeking to unveil its Commercial Pilot License Program. The academy is accredited by the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (ATO-013) as an Air Training Organisation and as such all licenses given by the flight academy, are recognised not only by the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority but by the International Civil Aviation Authority Organisation.

“Our mission is to raise the core pillars of our local aviation industry. Through the many years of our combined experience in the Ghanaian aviation industry, we know the current trajectory of the airline industry is not sustainable without a proper supporting environment that caters for maintenance training, cabin crew, air traffic controllers and pilot training for fixed and rotary wing. As we set the building blocks to supply national and international airlines, we hope to give our aviation industry a chance of sustaining itself and flourish,” Sean Azu, Director of Operations STARWEST says.

About STARWEST Flight Academy

The CTK Flight Academy recently rebranded to Starwest Flight Academy in February 2020, has been in operation since 2006. Its inception came from a need to supply pilots to its sister company, the domestic airline, CiTylinK Ghana.

The Starwest Flight Academy is licensed by the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) as an Air Training Organisation (ATO-013). The Ghana Civil Aviation is a member of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and as such all licenses given STARWEST Academy are recognized by the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority and are thereby ICAO as well.

STARWEST Flight Academy follows the Jeppesen (a Boeing Company) syllabus for its ground school curriculum approved by the Federal Aviation Authority and the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority. All students who enrol in the Private Pilot License and Commercial Pilot-IR License course in addition to the in-class ground school, have access to the respective Jeppesen/Boeing Online PPL / CPL-IR course, an interactive online course which takes you through the entire theoretical component of the syllabus including quizzes and recorded exams. This allows our students to move at their own pace and from their home. Once the online course is completed, students will receive a certificate from Jeppesen that they have successfully completed the respective course program and are eligible to take the GCAA exam. Anyone willing to register their PPL/CPL can do so by approaching their local Civil Aviation Authority and request to convert their license to a license from the country in question. A local air law exam will usually be required to do so.

Contact us at fly@starwestacademy.com or at +233 557862982

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